November 21, 2014.

At this moment I am feeling a deep sense of loss.  Leonard Brooks, my dear family friend of 50  years. and my mentor, passed away in November, 2011 at age 100 just three years ago.  He was a source of inspiration and encouragement to me, and  thinking of how profoundly he touched my life can still bring tears to my eyes.  If it weren’t for Leonard, my art would not exist.  Nor would this web page.

Leonard once wrote to me about his paintings:  “They are my children — some cherish them — I love them– and others are–adrift but they are all part of my deepest self and had to be painted — and launched.”

So here I am taking my first steps along a path that Leonard spent a lifetime walking,  I am launching my children out into the world.  I, too, hope that some will cherish them, for they, too, reflect my deepest self and had to be created.